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Final united report of "WORLD STROKE DAY-2011"
The Mongolian Stroke Association have successfully organized in cooperation with WHO, MoH and State Central Clinical Hospital the "WORLD STROKE DAY-2011". There was adopted the one year program for the preparation of this event and within this program, we organized 4 training seminars in which were involved the over 500 neurologists, physicians, emergency and ambulance doctors, and family doctors. Also we organized the workshops in Artkhangai, Khuvsugul and Bulgan provinces on the training of rural population on the prevention of stroke, identification of symptoms and emergency measures to be taken in case of stroke
occurrence, involving 600 ordinary public and around 150 doctors and nurses.
One month prior to the world day, we have approached to the WHO with the request to jointly celebrate this event, upon elaborating the work plan of activities. Within this program of activities, there was announced the countrywide competition on "Best organizer of a movement against stroke" and we keep receiving reports on involving in this movement more and more people and hospitals. We have organized on October 29th the opening ceremony of "WORLD STROKE DAY-2011" at State Central Clinical Hospital and organized for TV
broadcasting of this event throughout Mongolia. There have participated in this event Mr. Salik Govind - the regional representative of a WHO team on Coping with non infectious diseases, Tsogzolmaa and Narantuya - officers of WHO office,Dr. R. Amarbayasgalan -
Head of Mongolian Stroke Association, members of management board of Mongolian Stroke Association, Dr. B. Byambadorj – General Director of SCCH, other management members and numerous doctors, professional and ordinary people. During this day was organized the "Open Door" day, during which all interested people undergone the blood pressure and diabetes tests, weight measurement, doctors gave the consultancy services and distributed the boolets and brochures. These brochures contained information of what is the Stroke, what are the symptopms of stroke, and necessary preventive measures – intended for giving to general public all basic information. Also during this day was organized the press conference on rising the roles of individuals on coping with stroke and discussed many different issues.
In "World Stroke Day" there were distributed 2500 of 7 types of brochures and 500 elaboration and checking of manuals for general public "if you want to save your life from stroke.." .
World Stroke Day"-s activities, its proposed plans, challenges and interviews were introduced by 7 TV chanels, Small Media Conference, National newspapers and internet.
Total 2394 people and 551 physicians, management workers participated in this stroke day.
This is brief overview of successful celebration of "WORLD STROKE DAY" for 3rd time.

Stroke day 2012
We have successfully organized the "WORLD STROKE DAY-2012". This time, this event was very particular, since we were awarded with the Bronze medal by WSO and this gave great stimulus to ourselves and everybody was talking and remembering this event. This time, the Mongolian Stroke Association have organized this event in cooperation with WHO, MoH, State Clinical Hospitals Nos. 1 and 2, Medical school of Darkhan city, Diabetes Association and many other organizations. We have organized 3 training seminars and numerous on site trainings involving around 1500 neurologists, physicians, emergency, ambulance and family doctors.
On October 29th, there was held the opening ceremony of "WORLD STROKE DAY-2012" with grandiosely made banner and stage decorations, inviting all stakeholders and decision makers and distributed to all participants the red ribbons with writing "WORLD STROKE DAY-2012" on it and the badge Solidar, brought from Brazil.
We have demonstrated the movie showing about first symptoms of a stroke and its treatment and made examination of 2500 patients from cities and rural areas, determining their lifestyles and promoting the advantages of healthy lifestyle.
In total, there were involved in our activities the 1500 medical personne4l and 2500 ordinary citizen. We gave interviews through all main TV channels (12 channels), organized press conference and reminded about the roles of individuals in preventing and reducing the increasing occurrence of this disease and the important roles of the Government and Ministry of health in setting the preconditions for stroke prevention and treatment.